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Nyonya Assam Sauce (Homemade) / 娘惹亚参酱料 (330g)

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Product Description

What's for dinner tonight? If you're getting our seafood, you can always steam them with our homemade family recipe Nyonya Assam Sauce. Using only the freshest ingredients, with no preservatives, use this to add the extra kick to your dishes!

2-3 table spoons of paste for a 2-person dish. May or may not add water/sugar based on personal preference.


Great choice to go with seafood ! Only the freshest products used & NO MSG 

Nett Weight: 330g (A lot more compared to what you get from the supermarket, factory packed paste usually 200-250g)

Assam Jawa, Turmeric, Galangal, Lemon Grass, Ginger Flower, Red Chili, Dried Chili, Cili Padi, Garlic, Sugar.

Limited Orders: 50 bottles per week since it's produced at home

Storage Validity: Keep refrigerated once open (product has no preservative)
Fridge - Last up to 2-3 months
Freezer - Last up to 4-6 months


Recommended Menu:
Steaming Seafood (Asam Steam - Fish, Lala, Sotong), Stir Fry Seafood (Patin slice, Sotong, Prawn with petai), BBQ or Grilling (Ikan Pari, Kembung)

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