Longtail Tuna (Local Caught) / Ikan Tuna / 黑才

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Product Description

  • Most of us only know tuna in can, but not many of us know that we have smaller tunas in our waters. Time to try some fresh local ones! 
  • The local tuna has a medium firm texture, slightly dark in colour, meat is red and rich in taste. 
  • Locally they are cooked with curry, deep fried, and even grinded into dry fine powder form as condiment "Tuna Powder".
  • These local caught tuna are so fresh you can use it for 'Sushi' or 'Sashimi' as well.

More Details

  • Supply Origin: Hutan Melintang.
  • Gross Weight: L Size: 700g-1.0kg per piece with uncut and sliced options available.
  • Descaled, gutted, cleaned and vacuumed packed (expect overall weight to drop by 10-20% after processing).
  • Please contact us if you are looking for bigger size Tuna.

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