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Fourfinger Threadfin / Senangin / 马友

RM 33.60

Product Description

  • "Ma Yao" in Cantonese / "Pek Ngor" in Hokkien / "Senangin" in Malay. Very popular local fish, the meat is firm great for steaming, pan-fry, porridge or braised with soya sauce with ginger, black beans, dried chilies. Threadfin fish is also ideal for mothers in confinement, breast-feeding, and as food for toddlers. 

More Details

  • Supply Origin: Tanjung Karang & Sungai Besar.
  • Gross Weight: L Size: 1.6kg - 2.0kg each ; M Size: 1.3kg - 1.5kg each ; S Size: 900g- 1.2kg each for cut to block.
  • Gross weight : 1kg with 3-5 units per pack.
  • Descaled, gutted, cleaned and vacuumed packed (expect overall weight to drop by 10-20% after processing).


  • Check out this awesome recipe for Senangin.

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