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Chinese Pomfret / Bawal Tambak / 斗昌 - (Local Caught)

RM 37.40

Product Description

  • The Chinese New Year "Super Star" dish known as "Tau Tai" in Cantonese / "Dao Chior" in Hokkien / "Dou Chang" in Mandarin. The Chinese Pomfret is considered a premium fish that is usually consumed during Chinese festivals.
  • We recommended the fish to be steamed to preserve the sweetness of the fish.
  • Not to be confused with Silver Pomfret (白鲳) (Bái chāng), the Chinese Pomfret (斗鲳) (Dòu chāng) tends to be slightly broader (top and bottom) and the lower jaw is the same length as the upper jaw. They also tend to be darker grey in colour but this can vary. The Chinese Pomfret is also bigger in size, hence suitable for banquets.

More Details

  • Supply Origin: Local Caught (Not Import)
  • Descaled, gutted, cleaned and vacuumed packed (expect overall weight to drop by 10-20% after processing).


  • Check out this awesome recipe for Chinese Teochew steamed pomfret!

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