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Barred Spanish Mackerel / Tenggiri Batang / 竹鲛 - (Cut to Block)

RM 74.00

Product Description

  • "Batang" is the local name. The meat is firm, chunky, and white after cooking. Popular for fish soup, porridge, fish balls, deep fried or old time favourite, otak-otak.

More Details

  • Supply Origin: Sungai Besar.
  • Gross Weight: L Size: 2.0kg - 2.3kg each ; M Size: 1.6kg - 1.9kg each ; S Size: 1.2kg - 1.5kg each.
  • Descaled, gutted, cleaned and vacuumed packed (expect overall weight to drop by 10-20% after processing).
  • Note (Default Cut): Our Tenggiri is LARGE size and due to it's long length it is difficult to transport and also to store in the refrigerator for you. By default we would cut the fish into blocks or chunks, but if you would like your TENGGIRI as a "Whole" piece, please speak to us on your preference.


  • Check out this awesome Tenggiri Bunga recipe.

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