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Sea Bass (Barramundi) / Siakap / 甲各 (S / M / L sizes - 400g - 1kg)

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Product Description

Imagine putting your fork into a freshly steamed Siakap (Asian seabass) and the steaming white flesh flake into the Thai sauce. Then take a whole chunk out, with the sauce onto your rice.

Otherwise you can always bake, grill or pan fry it. Known as "Barramundi" in Australia, this fish can be found in quite a number of places. It's flesh is pearly pink, cooked meat is white. It has a firm, moist texture and large flakes. The fish is known for its sweet, buttery flavor. The few bones in the fish are large and easily removed.

We guarantee our siakap's freshness, giving you the best meal you deserve.

More Details

Sustainable Fishing: Farmed at sea inside "Kelong" (An offshore fish farming method, fishes are raised in the sea)
S Size: 400g - 600g (per piece)
M Size M: 700g - 900g (per piece)
L Size L: 1.0kg - 1.2 KG (per piece)
Finished product: Descaled, gutted, cleaned before delivery (expect overall weight to drop by 10-20% after processing)


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